Jacqueline McMahon came into our lives a year ago. We were in the midst of so many heartbreaking aspects regarding the aftermath of parental alienation. Our children were in need of a major intervention. Despite a “mother-biased” GAL report, Jacque was able to litigate matters through a process of Arbitration that was nothing short of phenomenal. She was able to clarify without a shadow of a doubt what kind of father I am and how important my role is in the lives of my children. Jacque kept up with every detail of our case, even though there was an unbelievable amount to remember. She never gave up on our family. She never gave up on my children. Jacque works with her whole heart and she truly cares about what she is doing and how to prevail in the best interests of the children. She knew when to be compassionate, and when to be aggressive. Her work is flawless. She knows how to handle tense situations and how to work around difficult tasks. We know several others who have had the same experience as we have had with her, which is consistency proven to confidently place your trust in.

We cannot thank Jacque enough for how she has saved our family. We are all blessed for what she has done. We have made it through one of the most trying times of our lives and can trust whole heartedly with any future family crisis we may have, that Jacque will be able to navigate through it with ease, compassion, knowledge and top-notch professionalism. She helped me navigate the legal maze of our court system and ensured I understood everything that was happening throughout the entire process. Jacque took careful time and consideration to understand my unique situation and truly fought for me in court.

When it comes to cases of family law, you need more than just a good attorney, you need someone that really cares about your situation. I was extremely happy with Jacque’s service, results, and above all, for being a compassionate and understanding person throughout this difficult time.

Her assistant was right there with her. She was extremely prompt, courteous, and responsive which is the type reliability you need most supporting your attorney. They both served not only as our attorney and paralegal, but our mentors, counselors, advocates, life coaches, big sisters, faith builders and friends. They are an amazing team that can handle an unreal amount of hardship with ease and pristine.