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Making the Best of a Bad Situation | Working Hard for Your Family

Legal issues that impact your family are among the most important that anyone will ever face. As a family law attorney, we will work tirelessly on behalf of your entire family. That means focusing on finding areas of common ground to keep conflict at a minimum. Attorney Jacque McMahon has learned that when going through an emotionally charged family law situation, it can be difficult to focus on what is best for everyone involved. We’ll help by discussing all your options, and looking at long-term solutions to the situations being faced today. In those areas where conflict cannot be avoided, we will be a strong advocate to ensure the outcome you desire. 


Divorce is always a painful experience to go through. We will offer you smart and effective representation throughout the process. There are many steps that make up a divorce, including the following:

Commencing the Dissolution or Legal Separation – Our team will file the proper paperwork to get everything started so your divorce or legal separation can be completed as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will discuss if it is advisable to file a Motion for Temporary Orders simultaneously with the Petition for Dissolution. If you have children, we will create a parenting plan that works for your family taking into consideration the unique needs of you and your children. 

Division of Assets – Dividing assets can be quite difficult, but it shouldn’t be looked at as a contest to try to win. We focus on finding ways to foster a fair division of assets that all parties can live with. 

Parenting Plans – Your children are entitled to a positive relationship with both parents (unless there are issues of neglect or abuse). A good parenting plan will help to minimize the stress and anxiety that is all too often placed on the shoulders of children. A great parenting plan will set forth a residential schedule that takes into consideration the schedules and needs of the parents and the children and spell out any unique considerations that should be considered. 

Child Support – A fair child support order will ensure the children have what they need, without putting an unjust burden on either parent. 

Spousal Support – Spousal support (maintenance) is frequently necessary when one spouse has either stayed home to raise the children while the other has worked or when one spouse earns substantially more income than the other. In these situations, courts will often award maintenance for some period of time. The factors the court considers in setting spousal maintenance and the length of time are subjective. That is why having good legal representation is critical in such situations.

Paternity Action

When having a child, it is extremely important to identify the father so paternity can be established and child support be set. Whether you are the potential father looking to prove (or disprove) paternity, or the mother needing to solidify the legal paternity of your child, we can help. We will work through the legal process to have paternity verified, and then take the next steps of creating a residential schedule that works for you and your child, entering an order of child support and helping you accomplish other needs you or your child may have in the process.

Third Party Custody Issues

When people talk about child custody it is assumed that the discussion is focused exclusively on the mother and father. While that is certainly the most common, there are times when third parties are involved. For example, grandparents or other involved individuals in the life of a child, may find themselves needing to file a Petition for Third Party Custody. Third party custody issues are often very complicated. Let us put our experience to work to help you in either defending such an action or establishing third party custody.

Modification of Orders

Final parenting plans and child support orders are meant to remain in place for an extended period of time, but courts certainly recognize that situations can change for parents. If your orders are no longer meeting your needs, or those of your children, it is necessary to petition for a modification. We can help you to work through this process to get the results you desire.

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