Taking a Vacation With Your Kids This Summer? Don’t Forget About Your Co-Parenting Obligations

Let’s face it: after 2020 (and, for what it’s worth, the first half of 2021), we all need a vacation. If you can find a way to go on a vacation this summer that keeps everyone safe amid the lingering COVID-19 variants, we recommend you do so!

For those of you who are co-parents, you know that anything involving your kids requires a bit more planning and preparation than normal. You have to worry about the parenting plan and notifying the other parent; taking your kids out of the state or country almost always requires prior written approval from the other parent. At any rate, following the tips we’ve included in this blog will help your summer vacation go as smoothly and amicably as possible. 

Communicate Early—and Often

Planning a vacation with your kids as a co-parent is one task you should not procrastinate on. Again, go back and review your parenting plan to determine your obligations in this situation. It might require you to give the other parent notice a certain amount of time in advance. Certain trips might require written approval. If the vacation you want to take does not fall within your visitation time, you’ll certainly want to make the ask as early as possible. Be prepared to make sacrifices if your proposed vacation cuts into the other parent’s visitation schedule. 

Make the Other Parent Feel Involved

No, we’re not suggesting that you ask the other parent to come along on the trip. Keeping the other parent in the loop—more than you are otherwise obligated to—can go a long way toward sanding down any rough feelings between the two of you. During the vacation, encourage your kids to video chat once or twice with your ex. Sending a postcard is also still appreciated. If you feel comfortable, arrange for your kids to get picked up by their other parent at the airport or upon the conclusion of the trip. 

Remember the Reason For Your Vacation

It’s tough watching your kids go on extravagant vacations with your ex that you know you can’t afford. Everyone loses, though, if parents get sucked into a game wherein both of them try to out-do each other. Even if your kids’ other parent took them to Disneyland and all the other places they’d dreamed of, they’ll cherish time with you just as much if you concentrate on making lasting memories. 

Need Clarification On Your Parenting Plan? 

Even the best-laid, most thorough parenting plans need adjusting every now and then. Being flexible with your ex when it comes to custody issues is always preferred, but you might not have that luxury within your co-parenting situation. Whatever you want to accomplish with the family law matter you’re currently dealing with, we would be honored to be your legal advocate. Get in touch with the team at McMahon Law Group by calling us at (360) 893-2527 or filling out a form on our website.

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