Keeping Your Children and Your Divorce Separated

Children are often the biggest concern when entering into a divorce, and rightfully so. Divorce can leave a lasting impact on your children, and how you and your partner handle the divorce may form your children’s views on marriage for the future. It’s important to keep your children and your divorce separate, not only for them, but for your own sake.

Stick to your parenting plan & schedule

Following a schedule or parenting plan for time with your children not only gives them a sense of regularity and normalcy but also assures that they spend time with both parents. As long as your situation allows for your children to safely see both parents, spending quality time with both helps with feelings of separation and allows them to continue a healthy relationship with both of you. Ideally, this new schedule shouldn’t interfere with your children’s regular schedule so it won’t feel like their whole world is changing.

Talk about issues with your co-parent, not your children

Issues in the divorce should be handled directly with your co-parent. Getting children too involved in the discussion of a divorce can make them feel like your attorney, not your child. Ideally, their involvement in messaging and conflict resolution should be kept to an absolute minimum. Keeping in contact with your co-parent also ensures schedules are followed and issues are resolved before they show up as issues in your child’s life.

Most importantly, talk to your children about their feelings

While the rest of our suggestions have been about keeping your children out of the divorce, this part is crucial. Talking directly and honestly to your children about the divorce is critical to making sure they understand the reasoning behind it, and that they’re not the ones who initiated the divorce. Even more important than talking to your child, however, is listening to them. Hearing what your children have to say about their feelings on the divorce lets you know what they’re thinking, what their concerns are, and what you can do to help them. 

Handle the divorce appropriately

Going through a divorce can often be difficult for yourself and your children. Handling it appropriately and compassionately will go a long way in helping both you and your children. If you’re unsure of what steps to take and want the guidance of a team that fully understands what you’re going through, please contact McMahon Law Group today. We at McMahon Law have years of experience in family law and are here to help you feel more secure through your divorce process.

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