Need to Modify Your Child Support?

Whether you and your ex-spouse agreed on your child support during an uncontested divorce or a judge decided on the appropriate amount, it will probably need to be altered at some point. You or your ex might have changed careers, your child might have different needs, or physical custody might have been modified. No matter the reason, there is a strict process for changing the terms, which is referred to as a Read More

Hurt in a Car Accident? 5 Tips to Preserve Your Claim

Your first order of business after getting in a serious car accident is prioritizing you and the other parties’ physical health, including moving your car away from busy intersections (if possible) and getting needed medical care. Even if you initially feel fine after a wreck, you should still be assessed by a medical professional; some internal injuries do not become apparent until days or weeks after an accident. Read More

Resource: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Helping Children Cope by Mary Bridge Children’s

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How to Develop of Plan for COVID-19 for Separated Parents:

Article written by Family Law Section of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association. If you are engaged in a high conflict separation, consider asking your attorney to reach out to the opposing counsel or party to first engage in these discussions. First agree on a method for communication i.e. e-mail, talking parents, OFW, texting, or phone contact. Connect with other parent to create a plan for discussion of the Read More

5 Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

Some jobs are inherently riskier to your physical health than others. For instance, the potential for a serious injury is greater for construction subcontractors than for a typical office worker. The difference between those examples is fairly obvious; however, all employers are still obligated by OSHA to minimize risks where possible and inform you of known hazards.  Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, employer’s Read More

Washington Premises Liability Explained

Premises liability refers to the general legal obligation of property owners – private, commercial and public property alike – to keep their premises safe and free of hazards to outside parties who may have reason to be on the premises. The legal concept of premises liability in Washington state is not absolute, though; premises owners are not automatically liable for deaths or injuries of people that occur on their Read More

Landlords: 5 Clauses To Include in your Lease Agreements

The key to any successful landlord-tenant relationship is a solid lease agreement that includes all legally required clauses and additional ones addressing any contingencies that may arise. An example of a required clause in Washington is one concerning the duration of the tenancy and whether the contract is a renter’s or lease agreement. A lease agreement applies to any long-term living situation, typically twelve Read More

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will in Washington?

If someone passes away without a Will, their estate will pass on to their heirs through a process known as intestate succession. The intestate succession laws can vary somewhat from state to state, so it is important to make sure you are looking specifically at how this will work in Washington. This post will explain what will happen with your estate if you pass away without a Will or other estate plan in this state. Read More

5 Requirements You Need to Petition to Modify a Parenting Plan

  A parenting plan is essential for ensuring stability for both parents and children. It creates a set routine with specific days and times that each parent will spend time with the children. Having a schedule promotes stability, reduces conflict and creates an environment where parents and their children can build strong relationships. When the plan is first created and approved by the court, it is meant to Read More