5 Signs of an Unsafe Work Environment

Some jobs are inherently riskier to your physical health than others. For instance, the potential for a serious injury is greater for construction subcontractors than for a typical office worker. The difference between those examples is fairly obvious; however, all employers are still obligated by OSHA to minimize risks where possible and inform you of known hazards. 

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, employer’s fail to comply with OSHA regulations. The following five examples are signs that your working environment may be unsafe:

  1. No heat illness prevention program is in place for hot workplaces. Some workplaces will come into significant contact with high-heat sources. This includes roofers who work outdoors in the summer heat, steel foundry workers, bakers who work in commercial kitchens, and others. Methods for minimizing the risk of heat illness include providing easily accessible water and allowing recent hires to acclimate to the physical demands of a new job. 
  2. Walking surfaces are slick, cluttered, or dirty. A slip-and-fall is one of the most common ways workers suffer serious injuries. The risk of a slip-and-fall rises dramatically when areas with frequent foot traffic are impeded. In the case of restaurants – where a perfectly dry floor is impossible to achieve – employees are generally required to wear a specific type of non-slip footwear. 
  3. Inadequate (or no) training. Before you begin your first day of work, confirm that your management or coworkers will properly train you for your new job responsibilities. If the company does not offer adequate training, that could be a sign of a larger problem such as lazy or disorganized management. Without proper training on safety standards, the performance of your job responsibilities could result in a devastating injury. 
  4. Frequent illnesses suffered by you or your coworkers. Poor air quality, lack of proper ventilation, or the presence of harmful chemicals like asbestos and radon could be the culprit of your frequently being sick. Another cause could be stress that is constant or compounded over time; chronic stress can weaken your immune system. 
  5. Toxic behavior from employees. Physical hazards are usually the most obvious and apparent, but a toxic workplace can do unseen damage to a worker’s mental or emotional state. Contrary to the popular “sticks and stones…” saying, words can hurt. Pent-up anger, frustration, and other negative feelings at work can also result in physical altercations if they are not dealt with in a productive manner. 


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