4 New Year’s Resolutions For Recently Divorced People

The New Year feels like a new beginning for many people. For those who are recently divorced, it might feel like even more of a fresh start. If next year is the first year you’ve started out single in a while, congratulations! We know how difficult divorce can be, and that it doesn’t always feel like an accomplishment when it’s over. If you’re wondering where to go from this new start, here are our 4 New Year’s Resolutions for recently divorced people to focus on:

Compare and Despair

No one comes out of a divorce having gotten every little thing that they wanted. The worst thing you can do at this early stage is to compare yourself to anyone else coming out of a divorce – especially your ex-spouse, your close friends, or famous celebrities. You are on your own journey, and it doesn’t matter that Kim Kardashian was already dating Pete Davidson at this point in her divorce. Your personal Pete Davidson will come along when it’s the right time for you.

Take Time For Yourself

This might seem silly, since it probably feels like all you have right now is time for yourself. Find some time, however, to figure out what really relaxes you. Maybe it’s taking a bath, maybe it’s going for a walk, maybe it’s binging a TV show. When you’ve found it, do it regularly and don’t feel bad about it.

Focus On Finances

The financial adjustment post-divorce is one of the hardest ones for most people. If you haven’t already, create a new budget by finding what dependable sources of income you bring in every month. Then subtract your expenses, and look at those to see anywhere where you can cut corners. You might be making your own coffee or going without Disney Plus for a while. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can adjust.

Date Who You Really Want To

Everyone has some hot take about who or how you should date after getting divorced, so we’ll just say this: date who you really want to. That can be no one. That can be everyone. Don’t settle for anyone you’re not really into, and don’t hold yourself back from going for who you really want. Find what makes you happy in your dating life, and focus on that (even if it’s not having one right now.)

Get the Help You Need

At McMahon Law Group, we know that nothing about divorce is easy – sometimes including being done with it. The New Year is a time for a brand new you – a year where you will have not been married, to your ex or anyone else, at all. A brand new chance at brand new choices and adventures! The future is wide open. For help with any divorce or family law matters, contact McMahon Law Group today! We know that fear only holds you back. It never moves you forward.

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